faith prepping: a series

We live on the edge of the desert outside of Phoenix AZ, with a small range of mountains visible on the horizon behind our house.

It’s hot in the desert this time of year, the middle of summer. In order to survive the summer heat we need air-conditioning to keep us safe.

And now, in light of current events preparing for the future has reached a whole new meaning. For all of us. Many are stockpiling supplies in case of a total breakdown of our way of life. Water and food are just two items on a long list of suggested necessities

I began today with these thoughts going through my mind: How am I preparing spiritually for the coming days? What am I storing away in my relationship with Jesus that will supply me with what I need to face the days ahead?

What ‘faith’ supplies am I stockpiling to keep me ready for what’s ahead?

More to come…

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